Wednesday, 9 June 2010

An Entrepreneur's Journey Begins With Small Misteps

 They  were just  business cards and i thought it was going to be an easy affair.Just design and print- after all i thought, they were just cards. Well, obviously i thought wrong.

No problem with design and logo albeit temporary and of course with text layout and print-outs but the main crux was plenty of typographical errors, missed blog address and a mis-stated postal codes.

"I just copied and pasted." Don't give me that mister card maker.

Lesson no. 1- Don't copy and paste give each individual attention.

I made sure i checked everything only to realise about the errors when i was leisurely going through the cards after a long day of running[actually walking] up and down[town].

Lesson  no. 2- Don't rush [these sort of] things, don't be in a hurry. It will cost you not only money but most important credibility- especially from potential clients.

                      what's your honest score

But the best thing is  i already saw the potential mishaps beforehand. Swallowed my pride and dropped the ego and realised no matter how grammatically ultra-confident i was[or probably feel] am no angel and prone to stuff passing my notice.

Though to save face i can always blme it  on 'time' "man i was in a hurry". true or false that's debatable.

So whenever you're ordering 'them cards', let 'em come in small batches of ten- for obvious reasons- and test them with family and friends first to have their POV[Point Of View] and as i like to call it "UE" [User Experience] before passing them on to potential customers/clients.

It turned out the mistakes were so devious even my  gifted niece passed over the blue bolded header "SUCURITY" and i know why- that Cambridge study.

She was useful, she pointed out the flawed postal code- 00100 instead of 00200. So fairly speaking she managed 2 out of five. Not bad on my part(read self esteem) which means am not destroying those cards and other co-founder's but advised them to dispense them cleverly- family and friends ONLY ;)